Exclusive & Comfortable Lessons With the First Female to Ever Tow Surf the Huge Waves of Jaws!

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Stand-Up Paddle Surf School Maui Hawaii

Stand-Up Paddle Surfing, also abbreviated as SUP, is a rapidly growing global sport originating from Hawaii. It is traced back to the 1940’s in Tahiti. Stand-up paddle surfing is a mix between—you guessed it—surfing and paddling. Back in the day, Waikiki beach boys stood on their longboards while navigating with outrigger paddles, taking pictures of tourists on shore, and the sport of stand-up paddle (SUP) was born. Now referred to as Ku Hoe He’e Nalu on the Hawaiian islands, the sport is quickly gaining popularity all over the world because of its graceful simplicity and quick learning curve.


Maria Souza, the first female to ever tow-in to the powerful waves of Peahi, Maui “Jaws” . Maria is an extreme water woman who has mastered windsurfing, kitesurfing, and Stand-Up Paddle Surfing. Experience the best Stand Up Paddle Surf Lessons from a certified lifeguard, personal trainer and elite ocean athlete. Maria teaches stand up paddle boarding, emphasizing safety, stand up paddle technique and ocean knowledge. If you are looking for fun ocean activities in Maui Hawaii, a lesson with Maria Souza at Stand Up Paddle Surf School is a definite must!

Devoted Specifically to Stand-Up Paddle Lessons

Stand-Up Paddling is the fastest growing ocean sport. A no-impact sport that will positively effect you mentally, physically and emotionally. No experience necessary. Stand-Up Paddle Surfing is easier than surfing and you are guaranteed to learn!

To learn paddle surfing you’ll need a board—and SUP boards are big, averaging between nine and 11 feet long. An instructor can fit you with the proper size according to your height and weight. Boards with a soft deck are ideal for beginners and those who don’t want to bother with the tedious chore of waxing. Paddles tend to be six to nine inches taller than the paddler’s height, and the more lightweight and easy-to-handle the paddle, the farther you’ll travel using the least amount of umph. Most people are up and paddling on flat water after just 30 minutes.