Kihei Stand Up Paddle Lessons

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On the beautiful island of Maui there is an emerging movement of stand up paddle boarders. If your looking for a proper instruction on how to tackle this sport, there is only one place to go. Kihei, a town located on Maui’s south shore. Experienced SUP’s and new athletes are attracted to this location because of the massive amount of ocean to explore! Unlike other places, you will find astonishing weather conditions in Kihei. Did we mention that Kihei is home to dozens of pristine beaches?

The Stand Up Paddle Surf School in Kihei offers how-to lessons so you can eventually SUP on your own. If you are into swimming or any kind of water sports and activities, you will find these types of lessons essential. You will be taught and assisted by a professional athlete with experience in numerous water sports. The fundamentals you will learn make for an exciting adventure- even at a beginner level.

Stand up paddle boarding is originally an ancient Hawaiian sport that made a come back in 2013. This sport was identified as having the most first-time participants of any other sport in the US that year. Popularity arose as kids and adults of all fitness levels experienced thrills along side one another. Overall, you will love this water adventure because you will not only have the time of your life but you are also likely to improve your health. Phisically web 2

With the right posture and strategy, stand up paddling is so much fun. It doesn’t take the best and most expensive paddle in town to learn the technique. If you have not tried this water sport before, then don’t forget to add it to your bucket list. Stand up paddle surf school training sessions do not require that you work out daily to have fun. Our ocean instructions are tailored to your physical and mental abilities.

Basically, Kihei is the best place to learn stand up paddling. People who have come to this place have unforgettable experiences. Stand up paddling feels like you are walking on water with the ability to catch waves. Sounds like a fantasy right?

If you want to get the most out of stand up paddling, we recommend our 1 Dream Day ocean retreat package. This package includes an SUP lesson and a SUP massage therapy session with a licensed professional. See you in the water!


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