Maria SouzaMaria Souza Headshot

was born in Recife, Brazil. As a child Maria trained competitively in gymnastics until she fell in love with surfing at age 13. She travelled the world surfing and then settled on the North Shore of Oahu to build her big wave surfing skills. Maria was the first woman ever to tow-in to the powerful waves of Peahi, Maui, also known as “Jaws”. She moved to Maui when the sport of tow-in was born. In Maui she gave birth to her daughter Bela. And soon after the birth of Bela, Maria began to train hard again for tow-in surfing. Maria, along with Andrea Moeller, finished first on the first ever stand-up paddle channel crossing in 2005, 2006, amd 2008, a 7-hour crossing.

Maria went to college for marketing and she designs her own line of swimwear. She practices tow-in surfing, foil surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, Hawaiian canoe, longboarding, tandem surfing and stand-up paddle. She teaches surfing, longboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and now specializes with stand-up paddling, SUP Surfing, SUP Yoga, SUP Racing, SUP Downwind and in special occasions, Big Wave Surfing. She is also a Physical/Emotional Therapist and personal trainer for athletes worldwide, on location or via online Webnars and Clinics.

Big Mahalo to Maria’s family and close friends for their constant support. Big Mahalo to all my students and clients that teach so much and add to her tool box of experiences.

Her goal is to keep learning and studying so she can continue to live her dream and enrich the lives of others.

  • Lifeguarding and Waterfront CPR/AED
  • Massage Therapist Certification- Sports massage, Deep Tisue,      Lomilomi, Hot Stone, Injury Rehabilitation/Therapy, Aromatherapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Joint Capsule Manipulation, etc.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer
  • Life Coach, Goal Setter, Fear Management
  • Yiengar Yoga Instructor
  • High Performance Core Training
  • IKO – Kiteboard Instructor
  • Breathing Instructor
  • Yoga – Hatha, Asthanga
  • Meditation Visualization
  • Nutrition – Essential Oil Detox
  • Spinning Certified
  • Pilates
  • Associate Degree Marketing & Business
  • PADI, Certified Scuba Diving
  • Paul Check’s-Swiss Ball Training
  • Nurses Aid