Personal Training


Ten Minutes of Vibration Training will give you the benefits of one hour of conventional weight lifting, including increased muscle strength, bone density, greatly improve flexibility, coordination, balance, and weight loss.
Our bodies are designed for physical activity, and they thrive on it, so no more excuses such as too busy, too tired, donʻt like impact, muscle soreness, on and on…
Vibration Training is for Medical, Therapeutic and Performance-Enhancement Purposes.
Train at aerobic levels while exercising at lower physical impact of vibration training on the neuromuscular system and increasing growth hormone, the bodyʻs major repair, regrowth, and anti-aging hormone, plus the increase of testosterone, circulation, and electromagnetic energy, combine to better you in the areas of sex, beauty, rejuvenation and mobility, making you confident and grateful of the body you live in.

Detox, Immune Booster, Increased Energy, Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, Increased VO2Max, Muscle Tone, Coordination, Increased Circulation, Muscle Building.

Mariaʻs Vibration Machine Specializations:
  • Golf Performance-Muscle Balancing Training
  • Extreme Sports & Competition Preparation
  • Surfing Big Waves Injury Prevention-Stability & Power Training
  • SUP High Performance-Endurance-Distance &
  • SUP Surf Explosive- Dynamic Training
  • Weight/Fat Loss & Management With Cellulite Treatment
  • Injury Rehabilitation & Movement Restoration

I’ll make a detailed muscle balancing assessment with measurable charts plus your goals and design a corrective and yet challenging, fun workout program, where you’ll build and strengthen the weak muscles (are muscle lacking power to fire) and release and stretch the tight, knotty muscles (are tense, lacking blood flow, unable to fire at command), twicking and modifying your individual program to adapt as you progress at the physical, mental and emotional bodies.