Emily Sinclair

Nick Ponte


Thanks so much for the pictures! It’s really fun to see them now that we’re home.
I was curious about paddleboarding so my partner and I booked a lesson with Maria on Maui’s north end. Maria started by having us do warm-up exercises on the beach, which seemed a little silly until we got on the paddleboards. Once we were on our boards, I could appreciate why she’d had us warm up the way we did. Her technical knowledge of paddleboarding is extraordinary, as is her understanding of physiology. I found the combination of standing up and getting the paddling right pretty challenging and Maria was great about staying with me and guiding me through it. I had surf lessons with other instructors on another part of Maui during the week and those lessons didn’t compare to Maria’s depth of knowledge about paddleboarding. If you’re interested, I’d highly recommend Maria!

Thanks again,
Emily Sinclair