Sally & Noah

Nick Ponte


My grandson Noah (age 9) decided he wanted to try stand up paddling, so he ran and got Maria’s brochure. I called her and fortunately for Noah she was able to take him at Maliko Gulch Bay the next day.

Maria arrived with everything she needed for a lesson. She is very thorough. She stresses safety first, wind direction, things to keep in mind when out there. Before you get out there she limbers you up with stretching and balancing exercises. She also reminds you not to go any farther than you want to swim back! She told Noah exactly what they were going to do, got him on her board, got him standing up and paddling! After coaching him on her board, she put him on his board. Off he went! We were so proud and he was too! She was devoted totally to Noah during his lesson. I highly recommend Maria’s class to anyone of any age. She is a pro at what she does! The last thing she tells you is “respect the ocean and it will respect you, and take three pieces of trash with you when you leave”. She is a wonderful person!

Sally & Noah
July 08,2009