Rodo Agreement

Maria Souza

Leasing intermediaries have an obligation to ensure that all relevant details of the car are disclosed. The responsibility to ensure that the car complies with all relevant safety standards and rules applies to leasing or purchasing intermediaries. Leasing or purchasing intermediaries must provide a guarantee, return terms and conditions, and 100% of these parties, not Rodo, are 100% liable. You should consider the nature of fees and deposits. Rental or purchase intermediaries can generally rent or sell vehicles to another potential user who excludes a lease or sales contract. Rodo`s leasing or other leases are directly between leasing or purchasing intermediaries or other third parties and Rodo users; Rodo is not a party to these contracts and cannot be involved in related disputes. All elements of the lease or loan are your responsibility. 5. Retention period and categories of recipients of personal data: Your personal data is kept for the duration indicated by your consent. When this period expires, your personal data will be deleted. In other cases, your personal data is kept only for the period necessary for processing. The data is processed by the administrator`s staff or by persons employed by the administrator on the basis of civil law contracts, on the basis of the administrator`s authorizations for the processing of personal data.

The data is processed by external agencies that provide personal data to the administrator for the maintenance and maintenance of computer systems. Depending on the purpose of processing personal data, personal data may be transferred to external entities that provide the administrator with personal data necessary for the personal data processing process, based on relevant agreements. The processing is carried out each time on the basis of authorisations for the processing of personal data. You agree to these terms of use when you use the app. These terms of use represent the entirety and unique of the agreement between you and Rodo that regulates your use of the application and replaces all agreements, insurances, guarantees and/or prior or concurrent agreements regarding the application. By continuing to use this application, you accept the effects of these terms of use. However, please check this page regularly to change the conditions, as only the most recent version is binding. You agree (i) that you do not implement Rodo measures that do not comply with the terms of agreements you have with Rodo or the laws or regulations in force, and (ii) if the location of this application requires identification for access, you will put in place economically appropriate security procedures and controls to limit access to your password or other information identifying authorized persons. You agree not to use a device or procedure to track or reproduce Rodo`s data without your express written consent. 2)2) The data manager can be contacted by email: or in writing to the administrator`s address with the words “Data Protection.”