Sample Stock Option Agreement

Maria Souza

2.16.2. full agreement; The application of rights. This agreement, together with the notification attached to this agreement and the plan, includes the overall agreement and understanding of the parties as to the purpose of this agreement and, in this context, and brings together all prior discussions between the parties. Unless the plan provides for it, no amendment or amendment to this agreement or a waiver of the rights of this agreement is effective, unless the parties to this agreement have signed in writing. The inability of one of the parties to enforce the rights of this agreement should not be construed as a waiver to the right of that party. 2.15. Taking society into account. Given the company`s granting of options, Optionee is committed to providing consistent and effective services to the company or subsidiary. Nothing in the plan or in this agreement confers on Opione the right to continue the operation of the business or subsidiary, or to interfere with the rights of the company and its subsidiaries expressly reserved herein, or (b) to continue to provide services to the company or subsidiary, or to affect or restrict in any way the rights of the company or its subsidiaries. , or in any way the rights of the company or its subsidiaries. which are expressly reserved at the end of Optionee`s services if Optionee is a consultant, at any time for any reason, with or without reason, unless a written agreement between the entity and Optionee expressly provides otherwise. 10.6.

Full agreement. The planning and option agreement is included as a reference. This agreement, the plan, the option agreement and the declaration of investment representation constitute the entire agreement of the parties and, in their entirety, include all the company`s previous obligations and agreements and the option regarding the purpose of this agreement. This occurred three senior executives of Computer Associates International Inc. in a high-profile case in November 1999. Shareholders had never agreed to adjust the number of shares allocated in the event of stock splitting. As a result, a court ruled that executives should lose a potential profit of more than half a billion dollars. Why it`s important. Most option holders may ignore this section, which is more or less a language that says the company will comply with securities laws.