The Loan Agreement Artinya

Maria Souza

Loan contract atau perjanjian pinjaman adalah kontrak antara peminjam dan pemberi pinjaman yang mengatur hak dan kewajiban di dalamnya. Contracts of lepathai Perjanjian Pinjaman Luar Negeri fungsinya sama dengan undang-undang yakni berlaku kepada para pihak yang bersepakat membuat perjanjian. Hal-hal yang berhubungan syarat atau tidaknya loan agreement mengacu kepada sarat sah perjanjian pada umumnya sebagaimana jika dilihatdalam hukum Indonesia tepat pasalnya 132 0 KUHPerdata yang mensyaratkan saw sebuah perjanjian yakni (1) sepakat mengikatkan dirinya dalam sebuah perjanjian; (2) kecakapan untuk melakukan perjanjian; (3) suatu hal tertentu dan (4) sebab yang halal. Loan contracts reflect, like any contract, an “offer,” “acceptance of offer,” “consideration” and can only relate to “legal” situations (a term loan contract involving the sale of heroin drugs is not “legal”). Loan contracts are recorded in their letters of commitment, agreements that reflect agreements between the parties involved, a certificate of commitment and a guarantee contract (for example. B a mortgage or personal guarantee). The credit contracts offered by regulated banks are different from those offered by financial firms, with banks benefiting from a “bank charter”, which is granted as a privilege and which includes “public confidence”. Loan contracts between commercial banks, savings banks, financial companies, insurance companies and investment banks are very different from each other and all feed for different purposes. “Commercial banks” and “savings banks” because they accept deposits and take advantage of FDIC insurance, generate credits that include concepts of “public trust.” Prior to the intergovernmental banking system, this “public confidence” was easily measured by national banking supervisors, who were able to see how local deposits were used to finance the working capital needs of industry and local businesses and the benefits of the organization`s employment. “Insurance agencies,” which charge premiums for the provision of life, property and accident insurance, have entered into their own types of loan contracts. The credit contracts and documentary standards of “banks” and “insurance” evolved from their individual cultures and were regulated by policies that, in one way or another, met the debts of each organization (in the case of “banks,” the liquidity needs of their depositors; in the case of insurance organizations, liquidity must be linked to their expected “receivables”). Loan contracts are generally written, but there is no legal reason why a loan contract should not be a purely oral contract (although oral agreements are more difficult to enforce). 3.

The treaty was part of the class of the “International Development Agreement,” which included long-term assistance to a state in and out of essential economic activity. The categorization of loan contracts by instrument type generally leads to two main categories: the types of loan contracts vary considerably from sector to sector. Apabila para pihak dalam Loan contract adalah Pemerintah RI dengan Pemerintah Negara Asing, Organisasi Internasional, atau subjek hukum internasional lain, maka loan agreement ini telah memenuhi salah satu unsur perjanjian internasional dal.